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About Colic

What Is Colic?

    Colic is when a baby cries for an extended period of time, every day. Colic is hard for babies and extremely stressful for parents. The cause is unknown, but there are many techniques and products to help calm a colicky baby down.

    10 to 30 percent of all babies get colic and doctors don't know exactly what it is or what triggers it. Doctors also do not agree on a treatment. In general, colic refers to an upset baby that appears to have pain associated with gastrointestinal problems.

Symptoms Of Colic

  • It can start in the first two to four weeks after birth and the child suffers from it for up to three months
  • The baby cries loudly, often for two to three hours and can't be comforted. The baby often cries at roughly the same time and usually once or twice a day
  • The baby has bowel pains
  • The baby pulls his feet up under his body and clenches his fists
  • Some babies' stomachs rumble severely and they produce a lot of wind

    There could be other reasons for your child's discomfort. If a baby cries loudly all the time and cannot be comforted, a doctor should always be consulted before the parent decides their baby has colic. Other serious diseases or pains can also make the baby cry incessantly. If in doubt, always consult a general practitioner.

What Products Will Help?

    Here is a large selection of colic relief products including the most popular remedies such as gripe water, swaddling blankets, white noise cds, and more!

Is It OK To Feel So Much Stress?

    Yes! Parents with a colicky baby are often stressed out and rightly so. Their baby is in pain and the natural reaction is to want to help their baby feel better. When a baby has baby colic, the life of the family is turned upside down. Parents often find it extremely stressful and upsetting when their baby is crying for hours and cannot be comforted. It is ok to feel stressed out!

Is There A Colic Support Group?

    Yes, there is a great colic support group online that helps parents connect. Participating in a support group can help you overcome the isolation many parents feel and get great tips for dealing with your crying baby.

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Where Can I Learn More?

Baby Colic Remedies

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