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About Infant Reflux

What Is Infant Reflux?

Infant Reflux, also known as gastro-oesophageal reflux, is when the stomach contents come back up into the esophagus after a baby is fed. This can often cause the baby to regurgitate. Of course, a side effect of this reflux is pain that can cause baby to cry or have sleep problems.

Reflux usually occurs in very young infants. This is because the ring of muscle or valve at the top of baby's stomach which helps stop the regurgitation of stomach contents is not yet fully developed.

While reflux is usually a concern to parents, this type of uncomplicated reflux is usually outgrown by the time the baby is six to nine months old. It can also be managed with thickened feeds.

Some babies may experience more severe reflux problems which can require the care of a pediatrician. You should see your doctor if your baby is not putting on the proper amount of weight or if you have any questions about reflux.

Symptoms Of Reflux

  • poor weight gain
  • frequent vomiting (more than once a day)
  • dislikes eating, refuses to eat, pushes bottle away
  • constant hiccups
  • regular cough
  • always has nasal congestion
  • chokes frequently
  • baby has sour breath

    Techniques To Help With Reflux

    Change baby's diaper before feeding Try changing your baby's diaper before each feeding and be careful to not put the diaper on too tightly. If you change your baby's diaper after their feeding, you will have to lift the baby's legs above their stomach, which can encourage reflux.

    Burp Baby Often

    Burping your baby often during feedings can help baby burp the air up before too much collects and causes reflux. Burping every 5 minutes during a feeding is a good idea.

    Avoid Sitting

    Try not to keep your baby in the sitting position. This will increase pressure on the stomach as the stomach fills with milk and can encourage reflux.

    Keep Baby Vertical

    Try to keep your baby in an upright position after feeding. Try baby pouches, carriers and slings if you need help.

    Do Not Over Feed

    It is better to offer smaller and more frequent feedings. These smaller feedings can lessen the amount of milk in the stomach at any one time.

    Will It Get Better?

    For most babies, yes. Most babies with outgrow infant reflux.

    Helpful Products

    There are some great infant reflux products that can help.
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