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About Swaddling Blankets

What is a swaddling blanket?

    A swaddling blanket is a blanket made specifically for swaddling a newborn infant.

Can I use a regular baby blanket for swaddling?

    Yes. Normal baby blankets are used all over the world for swaddling newborn babies.

What makes a "swaddling blanket" different from a regular baby blanket?

    Swaddling blankets are made for swaddling babies. They are usually constructed to have a longer width to make wrapping the baby easier. Often the are also longer length-wise so that swaddling larger babies will be easier. Many swaddling blankets have unique shapes or materials that help the blanket stay wrapped around your baby even through the night.

Is it safe to swaddle your baby?

    To be sure, you should consult with your pediatrician before swaddling your baby. Most hospitals swaddle newborn babies and teach parents to swaddle their babies before leaving the hospital. You should be careful to not wrap the baby too tight or cover the baby's face when swaddling.

Why do babies like being swaddled?

    One theory about why babies like to be swaddled so much is that it reminds them of the womb - it is snug and warm. Many babies flinch, which can cause them to wake up from a peaceful sleep. Swaddling helps to reduce the fast movements caused by such flinching.

What are the most popular swaddling blankets?

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