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Crying Baby Help

Natural Ways To Calm A Crying Baby

The Basics

    Make sure they are fed but not over-fed, in a dry diaper, not too hot or too cold and not in an uncomfortable position or extremely bright or loud environment.


    Babies love to suck, it is a natural reflex and one of the best ways to calm a crying baby. Try a pacifier or your finger (wash your hands before you do). Once your baby finds their hands, they can suck on their own fingers or thumb.

Rhythmic Motion

    Try holding your baby and rocking from side to side. Add a slight up and down motion with the rocking. Most babies like the feeling of gentle movement. Try a holster or sling to hold your baby while you take them for a walk. Even a simple car ride can produce enough gentle movement to calm a crying baby. Try an electric baby swing or vibrating baby chair.

Soothing Sounds - White Noise

    White noise is great for calming down a crying baby. Babies love the sound of running water, a vacuum cleaner or electric fan. All of these produce white noise which makes other background noises disappear. If your baby is over-stimulated, try turning on the radio between stations and see if the static sound can put them to sleep.

Soothing Sounds - Lullabies

    Sing to your baby or get a CD of soothing lullabies. There is a reason that every culture on earth has invented lullabies to put their babies to sleep - it works.

Belly Position

    Your baby might respond well to being held on their belly across your forearm like you might hold a football. Slight pressure on their belly is often enough to relax them and help them fall asleep. Try this position while rocking and bouncing (see above).

Gentle Touch

    Gently rub your baby's skin. Try a baby massage using baby massage oil. Give your baby a nice relaxing bath or simply caress their soft skin and whisper to them. Soft touching makes baby feel loved and connected.

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