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Colic > Easy To Digest Formula > Enfamil Nutramigen w/ Lipil

Enfamil Nutramigen
1 lb can (powder)

Enfamil Nutramigen w/ Lipil

Sometimes the reason for colic is protein allergy, a reaction that can occur to the protein in either milk-based or soy-based formulas. In babies, protein allergy can cause a variety of problems such as diarrhea, difficulty breathing, hives, a kind of rash known as atopic eczema —and the uncontrollable screaming and crying that's often termed "colic." If a protein-related problem is suspected Nutramigen may help. This member of the Enfamil Family of Formulas is the only infant formula that clinical studies have proven to be effective for managing colic when due to cow's milk protein allergy.

Made by Enfamil

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