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Enfamil Pregestamil
1 lb can (powder)
Sold Out.

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Enfamil Pregestamil

Pregestimil infant formula provides the same extensively predigested protein as Nutramigen, but it differs from Nutramigen in its source of fat. The fat blend in Pregestimil consists mostly of a special type of fat called "MCT oil," which is more easily digested and absorbed than the close-to-breast milk fat blend. (MCT oil is a "medium chain triglyceride oil.")

The unique formulation of Pregestimil is designed for feeding babies with diseases or disorders that make it difficult for them to absorb the fat blend in most other formulas. These conditions include short-bowel syndrome, steatorrhea (fat in the stool), cystic fibrosis or persistent diarrhea that does not respond to treatment.

In addition to providing extensively predigested protein, Pregestimil is also lactose-free and sucrose-free. Its carbohydrate is provided in the form of corn syrup solids instead of lactose.

Made by Enfamil

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