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Happi Tummi

Happi Tummi not only calms babies with colic and soothes babies with stomach aches, it also is great for calming babies when it is time to go to sleep. The wonderful aroma also has a calming effect on the caretaker too.

Happi Tummi is the only Pediatrician recommended colic relief waistband that naturally relieves colic and gas pains in moments. How? The heat activated 100% herbal formulation transfers with the babys own body heat bringing baby relief within moments and it is ready to use in 15-20 seconds.

A small-town Iowa mother discovered how to soothe her infant's colic by heating field corn in a small sack and placing it on her infants' stomach. The family secret was passed down through generations. It has been improved through research and experimentation by another mother who was given the remedy for her own colic-stricken baby. She found its soothing characteristics calmed her baby's crying and immediately eased the symptoms of colic. She was so thankful for the relief (both to baby and parents) that she now shares this secret with you!

Made by Household Name Products, Inc.

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