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Happiest Baby CD

In "The Happiest Baby", Dr. Harvey Karp reveals a treasure sought by new parents for centuries... the "calming reflex" (the automatic "off-switch" for any crying baby).

Thousands of parents, from working moms to superstars like Madonna and Michelle Pfeiffer have turned to Dr. Karp to learn his secrets for making babies happy and raising respectful toddlers.

Dr. Karp's techniques really work. Dr. Karp has been on the Dr. Phil show on NBC twice this year. His techniques are praised and his toddler books are on the top 10 list.

This CD includes 5 tracks of calming white noise. First it is fast and vigorous to get a crying baby's attention. Then it is moderate to gradually guide your fussy baby to calm. Then, it is rhythmic and womb-like to keep your infant calm and sleeping longer. This CD also includes 1 hair dryer track and 1 rain on the roof track.

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