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Infant Calm CD

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Infant Calm CD

As seen featured in Parents Magazine, Parents Baby, USA Weekend, CNN Radio, and The Washington Post.

Every parent wants it. Every baby needs it- a good night's sleep. As a new parent, I found that was easier said than done. We take it for granted that when we get tired; we can close our eyes and fall asleep. With babies, they often times need aid.

A baby spends 9 months in the mother's womb, which is extremely noisy. During this time, they hear continuous, monotonous sounds. Many times, babies are comforted by these sounds that are commonly referred to as white noise.

Have you ever had your baby cry uncontrollably and suddenly stop when they are next to the washer or dryer? Have you been getting ready for work and find your baby "zoning out" to the hair dryer?

Infant Calmis a collection of 6 household sounds that will calm your colicky/fussy baby and let them fall asleep. Play Infant Calm in its entirety or simply find the track that works for your little one and just hit repeat on your CD player!!! Track list

  1. Clothes Dryer Hum
  2. Hair Dryer Whistle
  3. Washing Machine Purr
  4. Vacuum Cleaner Waltz
  5. Washer and Dryer Combo Special
  6. White Noise Plain Wrap


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