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Loving Baby Swaddling Blanket

The Loving BabyTM Swaddle Blanket is the result of many hours of research and design and features unique qualities that you will not find in any other blanket. Here are some of the reasons why the Loving BabyTM Swaddle Blanket surpasses other products that are available:

  • Hammock design allows for a comfortable fit for babies of different sizes - from premature to three-month-old infants - eliminating bulk caused by excess fabric, and the need for fasteners
  • An outfit in itself, this soft and attractive blanket features satin trim and decorative edging and can be worn with or without additional clothing.
  • Dual-purpose side "wings" tie into a bow, ensuring a secure swaddle and creating a fetching image of baby that is reminiscent of a present
  • Fits snugly (clever design allows for comfortable fit of growing baby's body)
  • Contour's baby's neck, shoulders and body
  • Does not come undone, therefore decreases chances of suffocation
  • Makes feeding and changing diapers more convenient
  • Provides for the option of having baby's hands in or out of the blanket
  • Keeps the traditional look and method of swaddling while eliminating the frustration
  • Stays in place so baby looks cute and presentable all day long
  • Makes swaddling Easy, Fast, Secure and Safe vNo pockets, snaps, arm straps, buttons, zippers, or Velcro
  • Crafted from high-quality, luxurious 100% flannel cotton and has four layers of brushed cotton on back of blanket

    Made by Loving Baby Inc.

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